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I hope you have enjoyed our current sermon series BUT… We have looked at circumstances that several Old Testament people were in and then how God came in and made a difference. I especially like the story of Esther. Thank you to Sarah Johnson and Melissa Ivey for helping to make the life of Esther come alive for us. (I love seeing how God is working in the lives of our young adult staff here at Asbury).

Esther, though chosen to be Queen of Persia, had a difficult childhood. We don’t know how, but she lost both of her parents. That is traumatizing to a child. She ended up being raised by her uncle. Another unusual circumstance for a girl. Then she was forced to go before the King as a potential bride and queen. Probably much to her surprise, the King selected her! Since we know the whole story, we can see how God was at work in Esther’s life, positioning her to serve him in a very specific way. He had a plan for Esther, just like He has a plan for you and me. Even when life looks chaotic and feels overwhelming, as it did for Esther when she had to choose to risk her life to go before the King in order to save the Jews, we can rest assured that our God is still in control. He still has His hand on our life. And He always has a plan.

Esther’s life inspires me to ask, “What unique thing is God calling you to at such a time as this?”

Ask Him to show you, to speak to you, to nudge you in a direction. Chances are, God will not call any of us to save a nation like He did Esther, but He is calling. What at such a time as this is He asking of you?

Whatever God calls you to do may seem like a small thing to you, but to that person who is receiving from you, it is a big thing. You noticed. You cared. You reached out. You were God’s servant, acting on His behalf, and blessing the life of someone else. It’s the ultimate win-win. The person gets blessed, you get blessed, and God gets honored and glorified.

How is God positioning you to reach out to others at such a time as this? Will you respond with a brave “yes” like Esther did? Share your story with me at

Posted by Andrea Stephens on Jul 27, 2020 5:43:56 PM

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