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Why Play Time Matters (Even When It’s Draining)

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More times a week than I can count, my kids have come up to me saying “can you play with us mommy?” And too many times than I care to admit I have said, “not right now sweetie, in just a little bit.” Sometimes that was true. I was doing laundry, cooking dinner, or working from home. But many times, I have caught myself saying that when I really could put off my adulting things to dive into their little worlds.

In our new COVID-19 reality, playdates, outings, and sports are few and far between. Our kids are begging for interaction from us, and it can be exhausting to keep them entertained. But each time I have said “sure, let’s play,” I have never regretted it.

Play with them does not have to be elaborate. You don’t have to play an hour-long game of monopoly or develop a Pinterest worthy obstacle course. One of my favorite games my kids love to play is “pets” where we take turns being a pet and an owner. Just simple little interactions imitating our regular lives, but the joy it creates in both them and me is overwhelming. And I am not just saying that, there is science behind it.

Here is a great, non-judgmental article that helps explain it. Hope this helps! “The opposite of play isn’t work—the opposite of play is depression.”

Posted by Sarah Area on Jul 1, 2020 6:10:06 PM

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