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What is Orange?

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It’s possible that some of you have heard our staff say the words “oh, we use Orange curriculum” or “we’ll have an Orange lesson video in small groups” before and wondered, “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS ORANGE?”

If you’ve had a child go through AsburyKids, this may be a little more familiar, especially if you know Ollie the Owl! Orange is an amazing resource and curriculum made for all ages of kids and students made by Think Orange. We’ve been using Orange for quite a while in middle school small groups. Each week 6th and 7th graders watch a video with their small group and then have a lesson and questions from Orange to discuss with their groups. Also, if you’ve been keeping up with us on Facebook and Instagram while we’ve been away from in-person programming, you’ve actually heard us teach from Orange in our Wednesday sermons!

The bigger goal behind Orange is to bring together the heart and love of the home, represented by the color red, and the light of the message of Christ found in the Church, represented by the color yellow, to have a greater “Orange” impact on each and every student. Think Orange and its concept were created by renowned church leader and pastor Reggie Joiner. In Asbury Students, we know that you, as a parent, are the number one influence on your student. We want to partner with you to help your student learn what it means to follow Jesus long after they leave our ministry. We also do this by partnering with incredible small group leaders who can be additional influences on your students’ journey of faith.

Throughout the next year, you’ll probably be hearing a lot more about Orange from us. We are utilizing even more of Orange into our weekly programming and our overall vision in Asbury Students. You’ll be able to utilize an amazing thing called Parent Cue to bring what your student is learning on Sundays and Wednesdays into your home! Also, one of the best things about Orange curriculum is that every week, children in Asbury Kids all the way through Asbury Students will be talking about the same big themes in age-appropriate ways. So even if you have a first grader and a freshman, you can have impactful conversations as a family! This is just a brief overview of the direction we are heading toward in Asbury Students. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our staff. Also, if you’re super curious, Reggie Joiner’s book Think Orange is a super great resource and easy read for you to check out!

Posted by Shelby Hood on Jun 4, 2020 11:59:01 AM

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