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Wait, Am I an Influencer Now?

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I don’t know that anyone of us on the AsburyKids team were truly prepared for what it would look like for church to become a virtual experience. When we heard the news that Asbury was going online, the team rallied and decided that no matter what, we wouldn’t let anything stop us from helping others follow Jesus.

Words like engagement, content, “impressions”, “shares”, filters, hash tags, “likes”, etc. all became apart of our daily conversation. We quickly learned the power of social media and how to adapt to our new normal. While it took a while for us to find the balance of when and how much to post, we trusted that our material would reach those it was meant too.

It’s funny how we (Charlie, Sarah J, Sarah A, Andrew, and myself) followed our passions and gifting on this medium and found ourselves thriving in all different areas. Sarah Johnson graces us with her wisdom every Thursday. Andrew has taught valuable lessons every Monday. Charlie has been dropping impactful articles on the weekends and directing our team for the rest of the week. Sarah Area has included her whole family in giving us challenges and crafts. I have watched movies, held dance parties, and had live conversations with our kids and families most Friday’s.    

We’ve never been more creative, collaborative, innovative, or determined to help our regular AsburyKids families and those we may not know be impacted for good by this new content. While we didn’t ask to become social media influencers… it has pushed us outside of our comfort zones and we are honored to have virtually been in your homes these past 6 weeks. Plus I must warn you, we’re just getting started… make sure to like, subscribe, and comment down below!

See you virtual real soon!

Mason Miles

Posted by Mason Miles on May 5, 2020 4:13:17 PM

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