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Tips for Studying the Bible with Your Family

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Just a few Sundays ago, we had one of my favorite Sundays of the year, Kindergarten Bibles and Blessings. It’s such an adorable tradition, and I love watching all of those 5-year old’s be "oh so proud" of their Bibles. But, now what?! We gifted them (plus all of our other AsburyKids) with the most powerful and impactful book ever in existence – one that most adults don’t even understand.

Here at AsburyKids, we are passionate about making sure our kids and families know the worth and joy of unfolding the Bible's power. 

Here are five tips when it comes to studying the bible with your family:

  1. Start Small.

Pick a story or a couple of psalms to focus on each day. The Bible is HUGE and can be very overwhelming. There are also so many great Bible studies made just for families that can help with the picking process. If you want some suggestions for the passage of scripture or books, don’t hesitate to ask anyone on the AsburyKids team!

  1. Pick a time

Things never happened in my family unless it was on moms’ calendar. If you desire to make reading your Bibles together a priority, put it in the daily schedule. One of our Asbury families reads the Bible right after breakfast every morning.

  1. Use Google

Anytime you come across a place or a concept you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to Google a picture or a word. I am such a visual learner and anytime I can see an image I comprehend so much more.

  1. YouTube is your friend

We love any Saddleback Bible story video or anything by the bible project.

  1. Pray before AND after

While maybe a no brainer – anytime you get the chance to pray aloud with your kids while inviting God into your study is golden.

As always, if you have any questions, the AsburyKids team is here to partner with your family, just ask!

Posted by Mason Miles on Aug 31, 2020 4:06:13 PM

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