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The One Text That Can Change Everything

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We have all be in that place of feeling unnoticed, unwanted or maybe even overlooked. We've all also felt what it's like to be welcomed with open arms, wanted and loved. If you have a beating heart, I'm sure you can relate to all of these high and low feelings.

I think the break from in person community at church has given our world ample opportunities to form new habits, especially when it comes to our involvement. This time created room to get creative with how we receive encouragement from God’s word and it unfortunately created distance from community. I think some of the lucky ones had the itch to get back into their old Sunday morning routines, even if that meant it looked a little different.

If you were the person who jumped right back into your routine and hit the ground running, how could you change someone’s week by reaching out? How could you change someone’s faith walk over the past few months but telling them that they have been missed?

As a follower of Christ, we are called to seek others out and we’re called to love others the way Christ loves us. I think one simple message of encouragement could change someone’s life and thoughts. Who do you need to reach out to today?

If you have been the person having a hard time getting back into the swing of things, it might be time to reach out and let someone know how you are feeling. I can promise you a few things: You are missed. You are loved. And you will always be welcomed back with open arms. We hope as you feel comfortable and confident in making a decision to come back, that you will feel that in your heart as well.

Posted by Katie Miller on Oct 6, 2020 1:20:42 PM

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