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The 6 Second Refresh

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Scientists have studied the human brain and have discovered that we have an opportunity to change our thoughts every 6 seconds! Amazing, right?

I’d like for you to pause for one moment and think about the words you’ve been speaking over the 2020-2021 school year.

Have they been positive or negative? Have they been filled with hope or filled with fear?

I think it’s so important to pause and realize that each of our thoughts are under attack right now by the devil – EVEN AS YOU READ THIS. Our thoughts are not off limit to his manipulation and sometimes the devil’s thoughts flow over into our words.

When we speak words of fear, doubt, sadness or grievance over this school year, we are NOT speaking God’s truth. Those feelings may be real, but they discredit who God is! In fact, we when we speak those words, we are forgetting that God has great things in store, that God is in control and that He is our solid foundation!

We have to renew our minds the same way scripture tells us to. We have to CHOOSE think on things that are holy, pleasing and honoring to God. We have to CHOOSE to capture every thought and make it obedient to the Lord. We have to CHOOSE to be slow to speak and slow to get angry. All of this means that we truly can practically live out scripture by renewing our mind when fear starts to creep in about the school year. But it’s a choice.

You have to choose right now to change your mindset and thoughts. This choice will not only impact your own mental health, but it will flow over into your family. You get to decide what words will be spoken in your house and you also get to set the tone! So choose to set it high, pray big prayers and watch everyone around you rise to that example. Start putting God’s truth into practice today, and remember… if your words, thoughts or actions slip, you can start back over in 6 seconds.


Katie Miller

Posted by Katie Miller on Sep 2, 2020 4:32:35 PM

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