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Want to Write a DEVOTIONAL for our Newsletter?

Posted by Andrea Stephens on Oct 5, 2020 2:48:04 PM

Have you noticed we have various women who write our monthly devotional? Devotions lead us to the heart of God and help us live as a disciple. They can stir us and direct us to the scripture in a way we can apply to our everyday life. Our newsletter needs devotionals that are story based, share a struggle, and show what God taught you based on a specific scripture. Want to give it a try?

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Volunteer Spotlight: Kylee Broadhurst

Posted by Shelby Hood on Jun 4, 2020 11:52:40 AM

Asbury Students is blessed with so many multi-generational leaders who serve in multiple facets while also helping others follow Jesus outside the walls of Asbury. Kylee Broadhurst is a familiar face to many people throughout Asbury. Serving as the modern worship leader on Sunday mornings in the 11 am service allows Kylee to be someone that many people see whether it’s their first time at Asbury or their hundredth. Kylee’s heart to serve and lead is seen even outside of Asbury’s Sanctuary. Kylee has served the last two years as a small group leader for an awesome group of girls with her mom Kim Broadhurst. Kylee’s heart for their small group shines through each and every week. She has also answered the call to serve as a nurse and leader on multiple retreats and mission trips. No matter what she is doing, Kylee has a carrying and fun-loving attitude that always points Asbury Students toward following Jesus and encourages the other leaders around her.

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Small-Group Leader Spotlight

Posted by Jesse Johnston on Jun 3, 2020 3:53:43 PM

As I step into this new role as the Student Ministry Small Group Associate, I would like to share a bit of my heart with you for this aspect of ministry. I am certain that I am in this role today because of the role of two small group leaders I had in middle school and high school. Nick and Brad were both small group leaders that invested time and prayers into my life. They had an impact on my life because they went beyond just being present when I was at church events. They took an interest in the things I had going on at school. When my grandmother died, one of them was at her funeral. If I did not show up at church for a couple of weeks, I would receive a call or text. A small group leader's role is to let teens know that they are loved and part of a real community that goes beyond a Sunday afternoon. I still talk to Nick and Brad to this day. These two men have been a constant reminder of Christ’s love in my life. I was not a Christian until the summer after my 8th-grade year. On Sunday mornings, I would learn about faith and the Bible. It was on the other days when a small group leader reached out to me that I learned about Christ's body.

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Devotional Thoughts with Angie Cockrell

Posted by Angie Cockrell on Jun 3, 2020 1:49:09 PM

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Above and Beyond Volunteers

Posted by Shelby Hood on May 6, 2020 2:36:41 PM

Asbury Students are blessed with the absolute best volunteers in the world! During quarantine, we definitely have missed our students, but we are also missing the amazing adults who help make every week in student ministries happen as well! Volunteers help us make sure that even more students get individual and focused attention on a weekly basis. This week, I want to give a shout out to Ginny Martin and Ashley Krieg. It is pretty unlikely to walk into student ministry programming or to an event and not see one, or both, of these awesome women! Whether it is filling up pop, greeting outside, or leading their 6th grade small group, Ginny and Ashley give it 100% every time.

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Worship with Us on Sunday

Asbury's mission is Helping Others Follow Jesus. We are all about being and making disciples. It's not one or the other: … It's both for us. We follow Jesus, but we are actively seeking to help others follow Him, too. We believe that following Jesus is the key to life here and now, and eternally. So remember: be a disciple, and make disciples.


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