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Introducing our NEW Kindergarten-1st Grade Associate: Whitley Miles!

Posted by Whitley on Jun 2, 2020 9:23:34 AM

Hello AsburyKids and Parents! My name is Whitley Miles. I am a senior youth and family ministries major at Oral Roberts University and I am so excited to be joining the AsburyKids team in the Kindergarten and 1st grade room in fall 2020! You might recognize me from Miss Mason’s classroom where I have been on staff since October of 2019. 

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A Word from Pastor Tom on Online Communion

Posted by Tom Harrison on Apr 7, 2020 6:00:55 PM

As Methodists, we have two sacraments: Initiation (Baptism) + Nurture (Communion).  These are the two things Jesus commanded all Christians to do. In one sense, the sacraments are symbolic. We do not believe in transubstantiation (the substance of the elements changing to become the physical and literal body and blood of Jesus). On the other hand, the sacraments are far more than symbolic—they are a means of grace. God’s grace is truly present in these elements. We believe they are means where people are converted and healed in a variety of ways.

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Eternal Life

Posted by Pastor Robert Duran on Mar 31, 2020 6:34:08 PM

Some years ago I was talking with a church member who had not attended a worship service in many years. Asking him why he didn’t come to Sunday worship services, he looked at me and said, as if it was completely obvious, that he didn’t come because he didn’t enjoy the worship services. Well, at least he had a reason!

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Informing Young Adults - October 2019

Posted by Melissa Ivey on Oct 22, 2019 11:09:00 AM

I am Melissa Renkema, the Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry here at Asbury! Welcome to the first email of the new monthly Young Adult Newsletter! This monthly newsletter will be used to send out communications and information about what is happening in the realm of young adults, as well as relevant devotionals, encouragement, and awesome stories from the lives of young adults here at Asbury.

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Worship with Us on Sunday

Asbury's mission is Helping Others Follow Jesus. We are all about being and making disciples. It's not one or the other: … It's both for us. We follow Jesus, but we are actively seeking to help others follow Him, too. We believe that following Jesus is the key to life here and now, and eternally. So remember: be a disciple, and make disciples.


8:00 am Traditional Service, Mason Chapel | 9:30 am Traditional Service, Sanctuary | 11:00 am Modern Service, Sanctuary

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