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Get To Know Your Pastor: Snack Edition

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You aren't the only one indulging in your favorite comfort snacks during this unprecedented season – your pastors are too! Do you also need inspiration for treats going in this year's Easter basket?

Keep reading to learn your pastors' favorites... they may (or may not) be similar to your own! 

What snacks are you relying on getting you through this time?

PASTOR TOM: Whoppers and Straight-Up Unsweet Tea.

PASTOR DANIEL: Blue Diamond Almonds: Bold Sriracha flavor. 


PASTOR ANDREA: Oh boy. I really try not to keep snacks at my house, but when I go to my mom’s—watch out!  I’ve been known to finish off her Hostess Powdered Donuts and the Kirkland Praline Pecans—that’s some serious goodness!

PASTOR DICK: Dark chocolate.... ALWAYS! And ice cream, too. 

PASTOR STEPHEN: Chocolate...anything with chocolate. 

PASTOR JAMES: Our house doesn't have a whole lot of "snacks" of the packaged variety. We eat a lot of cheese and crackers though. I have made quite a few runs to Freddy's Frozen Custard in this drive-thru only era. We want to keep the local economy going after all!

Posted by Asbury Communications on Apr 8, 2020 8:01:33 PM

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