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Our Kids Need the Gospel, and So Do We

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A Christian is someone who has come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ initiated by His grace and established through our faith in Him as our savior, but you probably knew that already. You’ve heard all the "church things" at one point of another. The Gospel. John 3:16. The Great Commission. Roman’s Road. Blah, blah, blah. I’m betting at some point —you, like me — felt that "I get it" feeling, and you were ready to move on to the greater spiritual depths of God.

Hear me out. You’ve got your kids in church, and that is GREAT; they are gaining a foundational worldview that will undergird their entire lives, but I find myself asking, “How do we keep kids from getting ‘over’ church things?” I, along with many of my friends, have found myself feeling like I "got" the whole church thing, and so I was done progressing. A big part of my story is feeling like I was a model church kid, and thinking I was good just chilling in service because I had the Christian thing handled. I was in church every Sunday, it’s who I was it’s who my family was and once I was firmly a part, I didn’t need to prove myself anymore. That’s why my big passion now is showing kids that a relationship with Jesus is never “handled.” We don’t “get it,” “check the box,” or “move on” from the basics of Christianity. I don't think the answer is to make church more fun or more relevant, though those are both vital for successful ministry. The simple truth that the person of Jesus Christ came, died and was resurrected to restore your relationship with the Father is not the starting point of our faith, it’s the essence of our faith.

Today I want to invite you to rediscover the Gospel for yourself. Next time you take communion, remember when Christ washed you of your old self and accept His Spirit in your life afresh. Before your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness, remember the work of God that started before time began and was accomplished in you through the inestimable love of God. The Gospel doesn’t transform us once, it transforms us every day. As you let it transform you anew, it might just transform your kids in a new way, too.

Posted by Andrew Lyman on Aug 31, 2020 4:16:14 PM

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