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Making Screen-Time Count (and banishing the guilt!)

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ALL of your children are home with you. We know how difficult it is for your whole family’s schedule to be upended and your whole world shrunk down to your house. We hope all the kids are getting alone perfectly… but let’s be realistic. Close quarters means fidgeting, fights, and frustrations between kids AND parents. We know that many parents feel guilty when “screen time” is used to help mitigate these behaviors at home. Sometimes it is just easier to put on a movie than force the kids to focus on something educational! We want to encourage you that quarantine might be the perfect time to make a change in your perspective on “screen time.” Some houses are strict on screens and some aren’t, but we can all better engage with what our kids are seeing on their screens.

We believe that Jesus doesn’t just tell us the truth, but He IS Truth (that’s “Truth” with a capital “T”). If we look hard enough, we can find “Truth” in many different places. Whether the kids are watching YouTube, Netflix, or Disney+, you can use what they are watching as a conversation starter about the biblical truths they observed. Here’s an example: Little Jesse watches Frozen II. You might ask, “Jesse, what did you learn about friendship while watching Frozen II?” “Friendship” can be substituted for any “Truth” you see in the movie like sacrifice or perseverance. Another great conversation topic is about parallels between stories from the Bible and stories from the screen. How is Pocahontas like Esther? How is Dude Perfect like the twelve disciples? The only thing this requires is the willingness to understand what your children are watching and the creativity to relate it to the “Truth” as we know it.

Posted by Andrew Lyman on Apr 8, 2020 2:24:23 PM

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