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Let’s Talk About Zoom!

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During this time of isolation and uncertainty, connection has been harder to have on a regular basis. In order to keep up with work, school, and just personal relationships as a whole, people have turned to all types of technology. Zoom appears to be the prime mode of conversation for groups of people looking for a face-to-face connection, even if it has to be through a screen!

In Asbury Students, leaders have found the usefulness of Zoom and are utilizing it to connect with their small groups of students. Charlotte Guest and Dana Harrison lead a small group of sixth grade girls. Despite the need for social distancing, Charlotte and Dana have found a way to still connect with their small group on a weekly basis! Through Zoom, their group has been able to listen to podcasts together, discuss Easter and its traditions, and share prayer requests with one another. Of course, there are times of just simple fun and friendship as well. Charlotte said that their small group has been able to show the group crafts they’ve done, new and fun hair colors that have appeared during quarantine, and always lots of smiles! While it’s hard to not to be in the same room and share hugs, meeting through Zoom has helped illustrate that, “we need friends of all kinds, even Zoom ones.” While none of us could have known how much we would come to rely on a platform called Zoom even just a month ago, leaders like Dana and Charlotte are taking advantage of its opportunities and making small group connection happen for their group of 6th grade girls!

Posted by Shelby Hood on May 6, 2020 2:34:28 PM

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