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Lenten Season

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When this arrives to your inbox, we will be several days into the Lenten season, the 40 days set aside by Christians world-wide for self-reflection, prayer, and typically the giving up of a food, drink, or behavior. All of this is in preparation for Easter Sunday, April 12.

One of my favorite things about the Lenten season is the Lilium longiflorum, best known as the Easter Lily. This unique flower holds much Christian symbolism. The white color of the bloom represents the purity of Christ, the absence of sin in his life. Its trumpet shape represents a trumpet sounding the message that Jesus has risen and the trumpet that will announce his second coming. Both give hope and new life for us now and in the future.

The way the lilies grow is also symbolic of the resurrection. The bulbs lay underground for about 3 years before they are mature enough to burst forth into beautiful flowers. This reminds us of the three days between Jesus’ death and resurrection.  An added bonus of the Easter Lily, and one of my favorites of its characteristics, is the fragrant aroma. Sweet, fresh, light. Just one lily can fill a room with the amazing scent.

So, this year let the sight of an Easter Lily remind you what Jesus has done and of the triumphant day of his second coming in the future. Rejoice!

Posted by Andrea Stephens on Mar 5, 2020 11:16:33 AM

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