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Celebrating Our AK Volunteer Team

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Hey there!

As an undergrad studying ministry at ORU, I dreamed about working with famous pastors, practitioners, and teachers. I couldn’t wait to learn from those who have gotten famous for teaching the Bible in new, creative, and challenging ways. I pictured myself studying under those learned theologians whose words instructed those who instructed me. Oh, to learn at the foot of the master!

Those days might yet be ahead of me, but I think I like this better.

To the volunteers who have sacrificed so our kids would know what they mean to us: thank you. In the last few weeks, I have experienced what it means to help others follow Jesus. Our AsburyKids leaders have given freely of their time and resources to remain connected to our kids. They are chatting over video in small groups, making phone calls directly to children, and even sending every kid a card to remind them that they are known and loved in AsburyKids! There is nothing quite like a video chat with eight 11-year-old girls, or a whole stack of letters written to kids all over Tulsa. No matter how small it feels, all that you are doing to show a child that they matter has a remarkable impact. Truly, I feel that I am sitting at the feet of the Master, our Master, Jesus, as our leaders demonstrate what it means to help others follow Him.

My most humble thanks and love,

Mr. Andrew

Posted by Andrew Lyman on May 5, 2020 4:27:59 PM

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