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Devotional Thoughts with Becky Williamson

No Angels on My Christmas Tree

Holiday Workshop Recap

No Need to Fear

Devotional Thoughts with Abigail Wendt

Exciting News

Joe Taggart

Loving and Leading Your Only Child (From an Only Child)

The One Text That Can Change Everything

Happy Halloween

Devotional Thoughts with Stephanie Hurd

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Night of Joy Recap


What To Do When Your Child’s Day is Always “Fine”

You are Not Failing, You are Overwhelmed

Making the Most of your Family Rhythm

Parent Cue- What is that?

The 6 Second Refresh

Christ-Centered Conversation

Where Do I Even Start?

Ice Cream Scoops

Sweet September Lessons

Our Kids Need the Gospel, and So Do We

Tips for Studying the Bible with Your Family

My Name is Maddison Barnes

Devotional Thoughts from Jesus Always

Fall Book Club:  Praying Women by Sheila Walsh

We NEED to Laugh!

Trust in the Heavenly Father

Dear Mom of a New Kindergartner

Ten (New AND Nostalgic) Movies to Watch With Your Kiddos!

6 Conversations to Have with Your Kids Before School Starts!

Recreating “Small Group” At Home

A little bit about me…

Cherishing COVID

Devotional Thoughts with Marilene Long

Nothing to Prove Book Review by Becky Williamson

Your Unique Calling

“I’m not racist.”

Why Play Time Matters (Even When It’s Draining)

Doubt In Parenting

Handling Transitions

You’re Not Alone!

Summer Book Club

Enter our Drawing!

Kitchen Korner - July 2020

Resources for Women

Devotional Thoughts with Abigail Wendt

Be in God’s Word

Don’t Forget Your Parent Cue!

What is Orange?

Volunteer Spotlight: Kylee Broadhurst

How Quarantine Taught Us To Say “No"

Addressing “The Void”: What To Do When You’re Missing Church

Small-Group Leader Spotlight

Partnering with Parents: On Doubt

Devotional Thoughts with Angie Cockrell

Kitchen Korner - June 2020

Still Working from Home?

Book Club Review by Mary Alice Ahlgren

Summer Book Club

New Beginnings

7 (Safe!) Things To Do To Make this BEST SUMMER EVER!

Mr. Andrew’s Exciting I-Do’s!

Introducing our NEW Kindergarten-1st Grade Associate: Whitley Miles!

NEW! Introducing Porch Play Days!

Staying Positive During Quarantine

Surviving Quarantine Mom-Style

Life as a Middle-Schooler During COVID

Above and Beyond Volunteers

Let’s Talk About Zoom!

Parents: Starting the Conversation At Home

How Small Groups Have Thrived During Quarantine

A Day in the Life of a (Working) Quarantine Mom


Celebrating Our AK Volunteer Team

Wait, Am I an Influencer Now?

Book Review by Abigail Wendt

Tips for Working from Home by Kim Renkema

Letters to Pastor Jay’s Soldiers!

Play Clay

Kitchen Korner - May 2020

Making Masks


Joy for the Journey

"But God" Moments

Get To Know Your Pastor: Travel Edition

Faith Can Grow Through Pain

3-Minute Truth

Get To Know Your Pastor: Snack Edition

Kiddo Spotlight - April 2020

Volunteer Spotlight - April 2020

Making Screen-Time Count (and banishing the guilt!)

“You Know You’re a Quarantine Parent When….” A Top Ten List

Perceptions by Pastor Tom Harrison on Channel 6 and Channel 2

A Word from Pastor Tom on Online Communion

"What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do" – Asbury Students Sermon Series

Get To Know Your Pastors: Hobby Edition

NEW! Virtual Bible Study!  Starting soon!

The Lord is Near

Devotional Thoughts from Chasing Vines by Beth Moore

Eternal Life

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Fear Not

Spend More Time Together

God is My Provider

Joyful Submission

Volunteer Spotlight: Help us celebrate our amazing leaders!

Amazing Asbury Kids: Stories of YOUR Kids Conquering their World

5 Ways to GET OUT of Your House This Spring!

4word-Tulsa - March 2020

Spring Book Club Selections

Devotional Thoughts from Jesus Calling 1/11

Lenten Season

Women’s Gathering with Jill Donovan Recap

Visitinging University Students

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus

Devotional Thoughts by Christina Lee

It’s February

Starting the Year Off Well

Happy New Year 2020

God Comforts Me

A Word For The Year

Book Club Selections for Winter Quarter

Coming Soon

Devotional Thoughts with Kathleen Smith

UMW: 4word-Tulsa - January 2020

Devotional Thoughts by Becky Williamson

UMW: 4word-Tulsa

Merry and Bright!

Women's Ministry: Needed

Informing Young Adults - November 2019

Trenches and Valleys

God Has A Plan

Devotional Thoughts with Gail Knox

Informing Young Adults - October 2019

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