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7 (Safe!) Things To Do To Make this BEST SUMMER EVER!

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  1. Have a talent show with your family. And FaceTime in some guest judges, of course! Grandparents, older cousins, out-of-town friends, and even your pals at AsburyKids would make great judges!
  2. Have a Disney themed dinner. Everyone MUST dress up! Choose a single movie to theme your dinner around or invite the whole family to surprise you with their costume choice. Put on some Disney music and dine on some spaghetti or even a little “grey stuff”!
  3. Host your own cooking show. Use Facebook Live or even Youtube to strut your stuff as the next famous chef. Try a brand new recipe or share some of your family’s favorites as part of a weekly series. Don’t forget the aprons!
  4. Create a water obstacle course. All you’ll need are some buckets, sprinklers, and kiddie pool or two. Take some inspiration from those AWESOME playgrounds at Gathering Place Tulsa and create your own version in your back yard.
  5. Give mom the day off. Open your own spa, team up with your siblings to make a family dinner, take over a few chores, or host a special in-home date night for your parents. Or, all of the above!
  6. Go on a real picnic. Choose an exciting locale like the zoo (now accepting reservations), Gathering Place, or even your grandparents’ front yard. Work together to select a menu, pack a basket, and have a memorable outdoor feast!
  7. Attend Asbury’s Family Challenge VBS! Coming July 21-24, join us for an all-new VBS format that will take your family on an awesome DIY adventure. Stay on the lookout for more information!

Posted by Mason Miles on Jun 2, 2020 9:55:20 AM

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