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6 Conversations to Have with Your Kids Before School Starts!

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How can you be a good friend to people you do not know this year at school?

It’s been a while since your kids have engaged with new friends, this is a great reminder for everyone that people are going to need extra grace and love these first few weeks of school. Perhaps pretend you’re a new friend and practice asking nice questions!

What do you want to learn this year?

Set some family goals to grow and learn about new things! Going into this new school year, help your kids set new expectations and benchmarks. While this year will look different – there are going to be so many things to learn from.  

How can you be brave this year?

We often talk about the way anxiety affects so many kids. This upcoming school year will be no different. I love this question because it helps your child believe that they are brave and capable!

How can you share Jesus with your friends?

This conversation begins with their faith! What questions does your child have? How can they grow in their faith this year? Here is a great article to help them put their faith into practice:

How can you pray for your teachers?

My roommate is a 4th-grade teacher. I often think about how she needs prayers and support from her parents and her community! Our teachers and learning all of this for the first time too… Attached is a great article about ways to bless your kid's teacher this year:

How do you feel about going back to school?

Let’s face it… it’s been about half a year since school!!! There are going to be so many mixed emotions that will probably change daily (for you too!)! Talk them through and remember you are NOT alone!

Posted by Mason Miles on Aug 12, 2020 4:33:02 PM

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